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MSC Bandsaw Repair
Faraday Bike Awakening
Trebuchet 5/2024
Black and Decker Ratchet Upgrade
Shark Pro CNC Revival
Lane Following Radar
Ice Carting 2024
SDR Tablet
Sturtevant Motor
EV Charger Repair
Dewalt Light Adapter
Zoom H6 Repair
Meade Telescope Wakeup
NEC / A123 ALM 12V35 Teardown
MIT Swapfest 8-2023
Flower Electroplating
M365 Battery Module
Panasonic Rechargeable Battery
Helium Fried Meat
Epilog Zing Revival
Dust Collection
Wabeco CNC Upgrades
E-Bike High Power Charging
TRTR conference 2023
Wobble Light Stand
Macro Photography
Working Remotely
Tap Stand Repair
Valeo 12V Hybrid Motor
Lenovo 4k Monitor Repair
K2 24V Battery Teardown
Audi 48V Motor Reverse Engineering
Laser Show Pig Roast
Home made Volpe Wrench
Oregon 120V Battery Teardown
Vertex Nano Ultratiny Printer
Rescued Outdoor Lamps
Formlabs Form1+ Revival
Bi-Directional Battery Cycler
Genaray Photography Light Repair
Moving the MITERS Victor Mill
Outdoor Wifi Repeater Development
Kepco Power Supply Refresh
Cyclotron Zoom Meeting Sign
Solar Bike Charging Test
Stable Diffusion Writeup
Synthetic Robot Art
Portable Power Pack
Stable Diffusion Test PC
3D Printed Flowerpot Insert
Laser Engraver Rotary Axis
INGCO Orbital Sander Dewalt Batt Conversion
ICC Nexenergy 38.4AH battery teardown
Steel Mag-Plates
Jetpump Adventures
75V100 VESC Controller Teardown
48V E Torque Motor Teardown
Bicycle Repair Stand
Swapfest 5-2022
Swapfest 4-2022
Flower Electroplating Tests [2022]
Graflex Super Speed Graphic
Touchscreen Glove Repair
Snowbot 2022 upgrades
Snowbot Portable Charger
Electroplated Rose
Small Webserver
Doomsled Upgrades
Samsung S10e Cleanup
Roomba Timelapse
Apple Picking Groton 2021
Craftsman Snowblower Repair
Wireless Led
Motobecane Moped
Birdhouse Weatherstation
5th Axis Build
Replicator 2 revival
Intuitive Surgical Goodies
Hydraulic Pressed Cider
Mantis Drone Upgrades
Doomsled V2
Robomow RX12u
S8 Active Temporary Battery
SL1 Recycled Rover
Intel Rendering Contraption
Hydrofoil Row-Boat
Milwaukee Circsaw Dewalt Conversion
Outside Weather Probe
Camera Lens Welding Screen
802.11ah Field Testing
Thinkpad T440s Cleanup
Hands On with Danezenite
3D Printed Cabinet Drawers
48V Etorque Battery Teardown
2020 MIT Infinite Mile Award
Thing! by Amy Q
UQM Motor
10" Ducted Window Fan
Wolfram ALpha Bib
Flying a Tomohawlk With Cam
A GoPro on a balloon that was lost it in a tree
Sweedish Fish Cryo Oatmeal Cookies
Asylum Tesla Session 1
Asylum Tesla Session 2
Asylum Tesla Session 3
Asylum Tesla Session 4
Fallen Street light becomes a shop light
Electric Toothbrush Vibrating Sander
Moving a Lathe with Rob and Birkel
Reviving an L40 Pick and Place
MITERS gets a CNC, and drops it
MASKSON Pandemic Project
48V Ebike Controller Modification
WiFi HaLow: 80211ah Adventures
Lenovo Needs To Get It's Power Sorted
All sorts of interesting bike/e-bikes
R12 Battery Calibration
Mains Test Fixture
GoPro Hero8 snowshield
Battlebots 2015
Wolfram Alpha Child Bib Present
CNC Spotlight
Water Rover Experimenting
Adept Robot Arm
Babot Upgrades 2022
CNC Filter Screen
The Mystery of Coolsamba
Snow Robot Vision Research 2021
Diesel Heater Upgrades
Gopro 360 Snowshield
Snowbot Upgrades 2021
Intuitive Surgical Actuators
Granite Coasters
Torqueedo 500wh pack teardown
Goblet of Fire
Sequencer Teardown
Snowbot 2020
Shimano DU E6012
Waking up a CNC milling machine
Directory of Astrophotography
Reviving a 4' Gantry
Jeep XJ light cover
Dyno Camera Focus Motor
10" Server-fan adapter
GE Electrac Adventures
Waterjet roof rack
Aircompressor Revival
P106-90 video card awakening Part 1
P106-90 video card awakening Part 2
Quarantine mtn biking, hiking and exploring
Pandemic 2020 @ MIT
12V Electric Thermos Modifications
Astronomy Gear
EMC 078 00 123 Teardown
3D Printed Camera Shoe
Sat Tracking Mount
Rotary Photography Table
BMW 16S battery module
Book Scanning Setup
Pomona Mag-Clip wire holder
Reflow Oven Repair
MIT Green Building Roof
Cyberpower 36W DC UPS Teardown
8S Scooter Battery Module
Chromebook Repair
Autonomy Testbot V2
Type A Machines Upgrades
Moped Electric Conversion
Casting urethane rubber handles
City E-Bike adventures
Electric Outboard V2 Testing [6-2019]
Electric Scooter repair & commuting
Powerlab 8 Upgrades
Hybird E-bike Mountainbike
BMS Battery Management System Development
3DR Solo Battery Module
Haistily Assembled RC Plane
Danger 4: A Battlebots Experience
Ice Outing: 2-2019
GOES 16 Capture CH8 3-2019
GOES 16 Capture CH9 3-2019
GOES 16 Capture Visible 3-2019
GOES 16 Capture CH7 3-2019
DIY Panasonic Lumix Remote Shutter
GOES Satellite SDR Decoding Adventures
Snowblower Googley Eye Headlights
Snowblower Robot Testing 2019
LiTi Lithium Titanate Electric Stud Welding
Electric Scooting by the sea
Snowblower Robot Testing screenshots
Combination Panasonic GH3-GF1 battery charger
Doom Sled V2
Panasonic GH3 Lipo Adapter
12v7 NEC Battery Teardown
Snowblower RTX GPS testbot
Mantis Microscope Repairs
3DR telemetry Upgrades
Laser Marker repair and upgrades
BOSS 4 quadrant power supply repair
EMS-60-18 power supply repair
Mystery 12S1P Lithium Ion Module
Electric Snowblower Testing (color corrected)
Robotart 2018
Radar Module Teardown and misc robot plots
Buick Lacrosse Hybrid Inverter
Electric Power Winching
Torque Systems T110R0100 Teardown
Miters Ice Racing 2018
Large AstroPhotography Lens
Fred Tacoma Parts Adventure
DIY Thermal Chamber Fabrication
Doom Sled: Ice Racing Sled V1
Chargepoint Repair
GF3 External LiPo Adapter
Blue Bot Upgrades 2018
180MM 'Mellon' 3phase motor re-winding
Ice vehicle testing 2018
Hyperion 1420i Upgrade and Travelcase
Gimbal Upgrade and outdoor testing
Craftsman 109 Lathe revival
Lasercut SMT Reel Holder
DIY Portable Hot Air Reflow
Electric Snowblower Upgrades [2017]
Makerfaire NYC 2017
Makerfaire Detroit 2017
Powerwheels Racing Ideal Farms 2017
CO2 Laser Unboxing
Nissan Leaf 2014 Drivetrain Teardown
Lytro Illum Camera
Blue Bot harmonic gearbox repair
USB GF3 Battery Charger Teardown
Torqueedo 801
Sevcon Motor Controller Teardown
Hyperion 1420i travelcase
IBM x60s backlight upgrade
Meanwell Ebike Charger
Electric Outboard V2
NiMH Ebike Pack Testing
Mountainslider Mount Skateboard Fabrication
Mountainslider Overseas
HP PLZ50-100A Load Upgrades
Chibi Atomic Thing Upgrade: Part 3
Dewalt 9180 Repair
Blue Bot upgrades [2017]
Eberline RO20 Ion Chamber Backlight
Blue Bot Awakening
Bluebot Upgrades
Microscope Led Ring Light Adapter
Roche 454 Sequencer Teardown
Ice Ducky Ice Survey 2-14-2016
Chibi Atomic 2016
Jeep XJ 3D Printed Led Light Cap
Ice Ducky Deploy 1-18-2016
Makerfaire Detroit 2016
Island trip 5-28-2016
Ice Ducky PhotoSet
Up! Mini 3d Printer Fan Modification
Gopro Lens Repair
Gopro Battery Capacity Adapter
E-Bike Hub Motor Testing [2016]
New Hampshire E-Bike Adventure [2016]
Nissan Leaf Battery Teardown
Roche 454 Sequencer Teardown
Strawberrybot Fabrication
DIY 1KW Outboard
Panasonic GH1 Shutter Repair
Armor X7 Tablet Battery Upgrade
Chibiatomic Makerfaire NYC 2015
Combat Robots: Franklyn Institute 2015
Discovery Canada Visits MIT: Carts & Contraptions
Chibi Atomic Thing: Makerfaire NYC Prep
Makerfaire Detroit 2015
Chibi Atomic Thing: Gearbox Upgrades
Ice Monitoring Robot Duckies
Flying nimbus MKIII
Waterjet Engine Mounts
Combat Robots: Motorama 2015
Combat Robots: Fission Product
Chibi Atomic Thing: Ice Mode
Ryobi Battery replacement 3S LiFePO4
Dell 2407 Repair
Dell 3007 WFP Repair & Thermal Upgrades
Dustbuster LiFePO4 Battery Upgrade
Ice Survey: 1-17-2015
MIT Battery IAP [2015]
Running Jumpsuit Upgrades
Flying Nimbus Updates & Upgrades
Flying Nimbus High-res Images
Hyperion 1420i Repair
Makerfaire Detroit 2014
MIT 2.007 Summer [2014]
Flying Nimbus V1
Chibi Atomic Jeep V1
3D Printed Canoe Updates
Lost PLA Casting Testing
Homemade Canoe Oar
MIT 2.007 Spring [2014]
Submersible Thruster Testing: Part 3
Ice Scooter Testing
MITERS Dewalt Drill Upgrade
Dewalt Battery Upgrade
Makerfaire NYC 2013
Combat Robots: Atomic Bumble Prime
Submersible Thruster Testing: Part 2
CNC'ing A Propeller
Submersible Thruster Testing: Part 1
Beach Scootering
Kodak Medium Format Film Scans
EL glowy running suit
130A RC wattmeter teardown
Kerbal Helmet Halloween Costume
Hyperion 1420i Portable Case
Portable Jigsaw Repair
3D Printed Propeller Design & Testing
Anthony's Electric Scooter Build
Motorola Bluetooth Headphone Repair
Combat Robots: Bot Blast [2013]
Casting a Cake Mold [Nyancake]
MIT 2.007 Summer [2013]
Submersible Thruster for printed canoe
Hexacon 2013
Semi-circle timelapse track
3D Printer Update 1
Combat Robots: Motorama 2013
Tap-Light Upgrade
Combat Robots: Atomic Bumble
ULS 50W CO2 Laser Module
Electronic Email Notifier
Gingerbread Robot Cookies
Large Automotive Motors
Makerfaire NYC 2012
3D Printed Canoe
Electroplating Copper
Getac Upgrade
3Phase [IGBT] motor controller
Macbook Pro GPU Reflow
3D Printer Test Prints
3D Printer Timelapse Camera Slider
Robot Arm Welder Printer
MIT 2.007 Race [2012]
3D Printer Timelapse Camera
Headphone Upgrades
Theta0 V2 Motor Controller
Mars Garden V1
Extruder Upgrade
Echo 6: Battery Cycler Mod
EMU Monitor
Theta 0:DC Servo Controller
Shark-Kite: Adventures in Kite Aerial Photography
Converting Mains LED Into Flashlight Lamp
Electric Scooter V1
Makerfaire NYC 2011
Makerfaire NYC 2010
A Visit to Brooklyn
3D ABS Printer Development
Battery Character-izer
The PotRoast- RC Treaded Vehicle
Mcmaster's Quadrotor
Venice, errr ... Cambridge
The Launch of IMAGER-1 Weather Balloon
RPI E-Club Presentations
RPI Formula Hybrid [2011]
RPI Formula Hybrid [2010]
Killacycle Exercise Game Controller [2010]
RPI E-Club Build Night [2010]
RPI E-Club HV Night 2 [2010]
IBM Robot Arm Development [2009]
PCB DYEING with clothes dye
I-Klickr reverse engineering
RPI E-Club Air Filtration
RPI E-Club Upgrades [2010]
RPI E-Club Mill Safety Controller
Raygun: Room Ambient light Yellow Green and other coloUr creatioN [2010]
Talking To Satellites
Helios Sun Rise Camera
RPI E-Club UV Etcher
Chris's Diesel Engine
Advanced Bio Imaging Vein Scanner
Dane's First Electric Bike
RPI E-Club HV Night 01
Kodak Film Camera
Watchman Boiler Monitor
Potential Eclub Milling Machine
RPI Misc. Images
Mcmaster Climbs a Wall
Thomas Train
Anthonys Trajectory Contraption
Thomas RC Boat
Highschool Scooter Contraption
Random Adventures thru time [2009]
Towing Sleepy Vehichles at RPI [2010]