[4.10.10]  Resume

Outside of the projects listed on the main page, here's a list of milestones
Milestones Details Link
A123 Systems: Hardware Design Electrical Hardware design lead of low voltage high-power commercial & industrial battery products. Commercially Available Product
RPI Electronics Club President of the RPI Electronics club 2007-2009 Instructables group
Stanford Precourt Energy Conference Power Factor Signatures for Device Identification Applications. Hardware presented at Stanford University. Presentation
WHA Wireless Project Designed hardware for low-income housing network distribution system. Serves 200+ users in a distributed fashion using commercial grade hardware Watervilet Housing Authority
RPI CSAW Embedded Systems Challenge Designed hardware for crypto conference, new method of hardware backdoor generation and TEMPEST mechanism for key leaking Presentation
Introduction to Hardware Security & Trust Textbook Reference
Kouttronian Core CPU Architecture Graduate project in CPU architecture Research Presentation
Haptic Interface for Co-Located Performance Designed hardware for haptic RF communication in co-located preformances. Presentation accepted in NIME 2009 conference  Research Presentation

Resume available on request

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