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Excellent People

The home of Charles Guan, full of dubious and wonderful contraptions, a surplus of waterjet t-slots sprinkled generously throughout the ages and some insightful deep dives into the intricacies of hardware and electronics.
Also three tetanus shots worth of vans.

Ben Katz's contraptions. Everything from actuators to espressos.
Also check out

Amy Qian's excellent projects, contraptions and detailed write-ups

Shane Colton's excellent projects ranging from under-actuated robots, intricacies of high speed cameras and everything in between.

Peter Krogens lasers, optics and comical quantities of industrial gadgets

Nancy Ouyang's explorations on everything from python to machine vision to pancakes

Anthony Kouttron's projects, camera gadgets and miscellaneous equipment repair

Rob Reeve's gear making, precision machining and forklift necromancy

John McMaster's incredibly detailed reverse engineering wiki and photography archive. Also a fun talk at HDDG 42: [link] and twitter [link]

Star's projects, talks and aerial adventures

Mike DeTienne's project build log of tesla coils batlebots and machining

Fred Moore

The ever-excellent Fred Moore's youtube channel


Aaron Fan's combat robots, 3d printer projects and small electric vehicles.

Andrew Birkel's machining, electric vehicles, wood working and of corurse Milkshakes

Chris Kouttron's vintage engine and small machine repair

Keiran Cantilina's projects ranging from cameras to rocket nozzle bells and many things in between.

Nick Kirkby's Website

Behold the wonders of Bremschopper, an Electric truck, motor disassebly, motion controls and many many excellent annecdotes

Bayley Wang's Optics, motor controls, telescopes, lasers and more

Kyle's incredibly talented in so many fields. His adventures in art and how we interact with the world are amazing.

Cynthia Lu

Cynthia's projects: Everything from incredibly intricate cosplays to videogame artwork, really really intricate interesting work.

Austin Brown's Blog

Work in progress adding links!

Aaron sliski



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Ryan Govostes

David Zimmer Dizzie's blog

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