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Completed Projects

Printer upgrades into the modern era, with open source hardware and software.

Hardware, software and configuration files detailed inside, upgrading a behemoth of a printer running better than when it was new.

Have you ever knocked over a camera on a tripod?

What if the tripod could knock you over instead? This is a goofy tripod that uses a counterweight mass to prevent it from actually falling over.

Did your android Signal install fail and you want to restore those old chats?

Time to dig and generate a backup file from raw desktop signal files and trick android into adopting it as if nothing happened.

Does your CAD laptop run it's battery dry in less than 3 hrs?

Do you like working remotely but want more run-time?

This adapter will keep you running!

A tutorial getting google drive to work on Linux CNC

Want ~500W of water resistant battery charging on a budget?

This quick write up details re purposing a CC-CV led supply for battery charging

Do you have 'that bike' with the dubious derailleur that just needs some twiddling?

This write up details building a mobile bike repair arm with integrated scale

A quick guide to strip out the default installed sw

Installed in default builds on the Samsung S10e without needing root permissions

or dubious 3rd party android apps

A small repository of interesting 3D print models


Documenting the Gen-1 obstacle avoiding snow robot


DIY electric mountainboard that can be brought on a plane!

Complies with FAA regulations and checked bag volume


Teardown of the 454-lifesciences / roche-454 sequencer

Extracting the fancy chilled camera nestled in a vacuum chamber hidden inside


Quick adapter for the Baush & Lomb Stereo zoom 7


The MITERS entry into the RobotArt 2017 contest

Build details the repair and revival of a scara robot and early paint testing


Sealing painting and repairing a 10' aluminum grummin rowboat


A recycled pump motor and a craigslist vintage outboard


A small converted R/C fruit carrying 'robot'


Adding extra battery capacity and re-calibrating the onboard BMS


Panasonic GH1 shutter repair process


Upgrades to chibiatomic contraption!

In the weeks before the makerfaire Detroit, myself, Ciarán O Neill, Rob Reeve and Mike plotted upgrades to miters's first entry in PWRS (2014), chibiatomic jeep.


The birth of Fission Product, combat robot for the 2015 motorama sportsman series

Fission Product was designed and fabricated during the Boston blizzard-weeks and brought to life with the help of miters comrades and a lot of on-the-fly machining.


A quick 'upgrade' of a dell 3007 monitor to address power supply brownout due to thermal loading.


Enjoy Nimbus MK1? The following details upgrades to the Nimbus project, to increase its load handling capability, range and night-time visibility.


What does a recycled (heavily used) go kart tire, an action-packed three-phase servo drive and a gyro/accelerometer have in common?

A Balancing Skateboard Contraption


At the last moment a group of miters-ians decided to build an entry for the Detroit makerfaire powerwheels racing series using whatever parts that were lying around miters.


How much force can a submersible thruster generate?

How can you measure it without a full aquatic lab?

This page documents experimental testing of the submersible thruster MK-01


This project documents the design and developmental testing of a high-power, sealed, submersible thruster for an upcoming hydro-project


Upgraded front fork assembly and DIY studded tire


Competing at Motorama 2014!


Documentation of construction of a rather large electric scooter for 'semi-offroad' use.


Detailed walkthrough of SCARA Robot Arm upgrades


A quick guide to repairing Motorola S304 Headphones


A simple printed track assembly for time-lapse photography


Repair a mac-book with a non-happy GPU on the cheap, using low cost fairly easy to find tools


How to plate copper bus-bars at a low cost


Quick guide to getting low-cost wifi module up and running in ubuntu 10.04


Industrial Robot arm converted into 3D ABS printer, using open source hardware, powered by linux cnc


Kite Aerial photography using a low cost camera + microcontroller


Add rs232 communications and a visual interface for Hobbyking Eco-6 Charger


Super Simple DIY exercise bike game controller with usage logging


Dyeing Printed circuit boards with cheap clothes dye


Access Point running ddwrt, that is hardware reset daily, by microcontroller


Box for developing UV PCB's


Stepper Motor And Drive controls for SCARA 7575


Adding a timer to a taplight with 1 fet


Quick Powerjack for sketchy macbook


Adding digital display to legacy analog supply


Making a telescope using plexiglass mirror material


Taking pictures from 30,000 ft


Fixing an lcd monitor found @ MIT


Electric Bike made from Cruft




Make a casette tape adapter for connecting your mp3 player to a stereo with tape deck

interfacing with an old mechanical speedometer to derrive mpg


Exploring the reproduction of audio using a digital pwm output of a microcontroller and some basic rc filters


Adding led eyes to a mack truck hood emblem


Adding led eyes to a mack truck hood emblem


Creating and testing a blast furnace made with readily available equipment (with video)


This is a brief intro to bascom avr and how simple it is to quickly interface to an lcd and take an analog measurement


A simple lcd projector from an overhead pj, and an old lcd monitor



A slide projector made from an old lens assembly and a power box.


Ripping apart my vehicle radio to add an external input


Determining the wiring pattern for a powertip pc1602v


Using a microcontroller to generate b/w TV


An instructable for swapping power mosfets on a power inverter


Repairing a USB mini connector


Building a cheap projector in an Ammo tin




This project is designed to measure real power consumed, and update the data to a display.


This was my individual project for IED (intro engineering design) 2007


This project displays "THOMAS" over the course of an 8 foot circle when spun



A super ridiculous mulch spinning machine. why limit your mulch to 1 rpm when it yearns for 40?

[06.12.2006] sells an awesome graphical lcd, but alas it has no backlight.

here's how to add one.


Very rudimentary mp3 player modifications, one of my first complex ee projects