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Projects In Progress

List of projects that are in progress

Please Note: Documentation is Incomplete

Updating a decade old CNC wood router

A 12V alternator that doubles as a hybrid motor, can it be repurposed for gokart duty?

Camping on a mountaintop cabin, with a laptop and gadgets.

Lets do some digging and try to wake up an Audi Hybrid Motor

Waking up a Gen-1 DC Fast (CCS) charger for communications development

Making a tricoder that lets you visualize the radio spectra

Some failed batteries and corrosion fought off with nickel plating and reflowing

Extracting a Jet Pump, electrifying it and mounting in a small boat

How hard could it be to make a metal exoskelton for some cut flowers?

External Solar inputs, energy usage display and auxillary outputs.
Even has a shoulder strap!

Portable solar panels and dubious electric bicycles
Sounds like a plan!

A simple wifi-connected temperature humdity probe that survives the elements

A tutorial and list of experiences of meshroom, blender and threejs

Using a historical MIT sign to automatically indicate a zoom call in process.

Adding a rotary axis on my laser engraver

Connecting the advancing field of synthetic art to a painting robot

Super quick repair to some touchscreen compatible gloves, returns touchscreen functionality within a few hours!

A quick gadget to help with filming welding activities

Do you want to know the weather right by your favorite skinny dipping / ice racing spot? Build a science birdhouse!

Have you ever wanted to do a video path integration?

Checkout the post and watch the sum of the paths grow as time progresses

I fell in love with this dorky wonderful drone, but it has some room for improvement, join in on some of the add-ons, opinions and upgrades

Designing, fabricating and adding a 4+5 axis assembly to a 3 axis CNC

Did you inherit a bunch of dubious makerbot repliator 2's and are frustrated with how fiddly they are? Come on in lets bring the lil machine back to life

I stumbled on some exotic 48v Porsche prototype Battery modules, lets try and make them talk and sort out their architecture along the way

Attempting to get an electric row-boat to hydrofoil

802.11ah is long-range WiFi, intended for namely internet of things. It supports some fairly high bandwidth links, so what about rovers?

I inherited a pile of parts from a china-clone diesel heater, this project turns the pile of parts back into a working device and attempts to use some of the waste heat to power on-board electronics, such that they don't drain the blower battery

There's this beautiful motor, 14kw of delicious 48v induction, all it needs is three can buses and some in-can-tations

A really interesting battery chemistry, capable of high speed charging. Converting existing modules into something more e-bike shaped

Taking slow spinning photos of hardware is great for documentation, I had some spare quarantine-time and this was born to slowly turn a model and take time lapse looping animations.

I was looking for a way to organize my cables and this is a method i came up with to keep mostly my USB cables sorted.

Part road bike, part front wheel drive linear accelerator, the story of the errand-bicycle that's survived a half decade of potholes

Part road bike, part front wheel drive linear accelerator, the story of the errand-bicycle that's survived a half decade of potholes

Part rover, part snowblower brains. This is a platform I used for verifying sensors and GPS way-point navigation, instead of carrying around a snowblower

[I'm currently in the process of documenting these projects, give it some time]

This site is intended to inform and provide information via documented projects.

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